Our mission is to provide timely, affordable, high-quality medical coding solutions for hospitals and specialty physicians. We develop and implement solutions to challenging issues that these healthcare providers face.
The Coding Center focuses on remote coding. We know that staffing solutions will never provide long-term stability and sustained performance. This ensures that our team remains focused on refining this method of service delivery and prevents us from getting side-tracked on temporary, short-term approaches that distract us from our long-term vision.
We value these things:
  • Integrity - be honest and forthright about our intent, always act ethically, and do what's right.
  • Respect - respect each other and our customers.
  • Development - learn, grow, and innovate; embrace change and new best practices.
  • Financial Responsibility - manage company and customer time and expenses as if it were our own.
  • Customer Focus - listen to our customers, understand them, deliver results they need and want.
  • Balance - attend to both your work and personal life, and have fun.
These values guide our decision making.

Our Mission

Our Focus

Our Values

Specialty Medical Coding Services

The Coding Center provides hospitals and specialty physicians with timely, high quality medical coding solutions.

Outsourced Coding

We provide flexible coding solutions and consistently deliver cost savings, improved accuracy, and faster turnaround times.

Cath Lab Specialty

Hospital Cath Labs and physicians can both benefit from our unique specialty in cardiovascular interventional radiology coding.

Joining our team

Medical coders are the key to our success at The Coding Center. Join us.

Why outsource your medical coding to The Coding Center?

It's simple. The Coding Center's experience, technology and refined process make us a logical choice for tackling your medical coding challenges.

We've got the experience. Experienced coders? You bet! But, that's only part of the story. We have experience outsourcing complete departments and/or selected portions of coding to fill gaps. Between the two we have a breadth of experience at both taking complete control of your coding process AND at working seamlessly with client staff to fill the gaps where help is needed. Simply stated: if you can do it yourself, great! If you need help, that's our job. We want engagements where we can truly provide value.

What's Happening

RAC Is Coming!
Learn how our specialty services are helping hospitals and physicians prepare for RAC. Learn more... To find out what we can do for your Cath Lab, Contact Us.
Hiring Traveling Inpatient and Outpatient Coders
We are currently recruiting certified and experienced inpatient and outpatient medical coders. To join our team, Apply today!

Your complete, outsourced medical coding solution.

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